Bungee around at T4RX!


Bungee cords have been around before World War I and there have been many changes since then. You have more than likely used a Bungee Cord of some sort throughout your lifetime. You also know that after some time they tend to break down and lose their elasticity.

Bihlerflex introduced a new technology made in house called FlexaPure which allows for extra stretching capability along with memory retention to keep it from wearing out. At T4RX we will put this new technology to the test. Bihlerflex helps us and our attendees keep gear secure while pushing our rigs to the limit!

Bihlerflex has also extended its products to our favorite off- Road companions, our dogs. We have already picked up a few for our four-legged friends. From innovative leashes to fun toys, Bihlerflex has what you’re looking for. Support T4RX by following Bihlerflex at: