Gear Aid Joins T4RX

Gear Aid offers such a diverse line of products catered to off-road enthusiasts and outdoor warriors alike that we just HAD to partner with them. From gear repair to lighting up the night you can be rest assured that Gear Aid has your back. If it wasn’t for their innovation and creativity we would lose more gear and spend more money than needed to keep doing what we love. Gear Aid has been trusted for nearly 40 years and now we know why!

Gear Aid started fixing gear in 1981 when SCUBA divers realized Aquaseal was stronger than their wetsuits. Shortly after, they expanded into anti-fog, sealants, repair tapes, water repellents, cleaners, camouflage, and more. Now, they’re known as the go-to care and repair company for the Outdoor, Sporting Goods, and SCUBA industries. With more than 100 products that share the same quality, innovation, and utility as Aquaseal, outdoor enthusiasts rely on Gear Aid for products that last. Because they believe your gear should last.

Whether you’re camping, fishing, hunting, or off roading you will encounter times where you need to fix your gear. Gear Aid takes the time to teach people how to keep their well loved and expensive gear in like new condition, thereby increasing performance, saving money, and consuming less in the process. If you’re using one of their lights, camouflage wrap, or tube of glue, you’ll get the best performance on the market.

Once you’ve placed your order Gear Aid strives to ship your order within 1 to 2 days. Typical shipping times range between 3 to 7 days so you can fix your gear quickly and get back out to doing what you love. The Gear Aid lights are top notch which is why we carry one in every rig we have with the utmost confidence.

Starting in 2020, Gear Aid is a proud partner of the T4R Experience. When you attend the free event you might be lucky enough to win one of their raffles! Their dedication to the outdoor and off road world is made evident not only in the quality of their product but in the actions of the team themselves. It is companies like Gear Aid that help us grow off-roading, overlanding, and help keep trails open and the spirit of adventure alive!