Firestone puts MT2 Tires to the test by joining T4RX 2018

We are excited to announce partnership with an American icon, Firestone Tires! Firestone Tires has a rich American history of vehicle mobility. From its humble beginnings in Akron, Ohio to their debut in the 1911 Indy 500, their support of “Ship by truck” during the first World War and the first commercially sponsored musical program in 1930, it’s no wonder why we’ve chosen Firestone Tires as the official tire of T4RX .

We are proud to run Firestone Tires on every trail starting in 2018. Through T4RX, Firestone tires have furthered their commitment to excellence. T4RX and Firestone Tires are dedicated to developing a love for the great outdoors through exploration, environmentally responsible travel and are working with us to establish a positive image of the off-road experience for years to come.

With the new Destination MT2, Firestone Tires is taking their proven track record onto the trail. Created to perform in the harshest conditions possible, T4RX events nationwide will put their durability and versatility to the test in every State. Be sure to check out Firestone tires and feel free to pick up a set before your next adventure.

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